The Emerging Influence of North African Cuisine

In the new millennium, the flavours of North Africa are becoming as important to mainstream Australian food as those of Thailand were in the '80s and '90s.


Meera was lucky enough to learn many secrets of the North African kitchen in the late '60s when she was a student in Jerusalem.

Fate had her share accommodation with many French speaking students from all parts of the Maghreb - Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

Throughout the year, parents and other relatives of her flatmates would arrive and prepare dishes that their children had been craving since they left home. Great pots of couscous would be steaming while plates of olives, fennel and all manner of salads, both raw and cooked would appear from nowhere.

There would always be plenty of volunteers to partake of the food but Meera would volunteer in the kitchen, thus becoming privy to quite a few family culinary secrets.

On her return to Australia in the late '70s, she worked at the Melbourne branch of the Banque Nationale de Paris where the French expatriate bank officers would give her a standing order for couscous each week.

She has been leading cultural and culinary tours to Morocco since 2002, has designed the Moroccan Flavours event in Marrakech in 2006 and 2007.

The Flavours of the Maghreb

The cuisines of North Africa and especially Morocco, while using many ingredients common to other Mediterranean cuisines, produce flavours which are totally unexpected and addictive.

Students of Meera's Moroccan cooking classes are constantly delighted and astonished by the new taste sensations.

On her frequent trips to Morocco, Meera has picked up many new recipes for dishes from amazing Moroccan women and is thrilled to be able to pass them on through her cooking classes.

In 2006, she became the official translator into English of Morocco's prime Culinary Magazine "Parfums, Saveurs et Cuisine du Maroc" a bi-monthly publication and a great source of information pertaining to both traditional and modern Moroccan cuisine.


Download a copy of an article that appeared in the Australian Women's Weekly in March 2008 featuring Meera and some of her Moroccan recipes.

Those wishing to indulge in two weeks of total immersion in Moroccan food, culture and music should consider Meera's culinary tours to Morocco.


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